Yikes... could be only 15-17 weeks!

Size  of Baby:  spaghetti squash and she is over 1 lb.

Cravings:  Ice cream has been a weakness.

Aversions:  Nothing.

What I miss:  Still better sleep and laying on my stomach or back.  Sometimes I will cheat for a few minutes and lay on my back just for a quick stretch then its back to my side.  My pregnancy hormone relaxin (who came up with that name?) is in full gear ready for her arrival.  I've been having discomfort from my pelvic ligaments loosening.  It hurts to get up from sitting or laying down otherwise I don't notice it.  I did not experience this with the girls so this is new to me.  The best way I can describe it is if you've ever attempted the splits and you feel that stretching (with much more discomfort). Too bad I couldn't tell my body that she will be born cesarean.  I also have been having back pain and beginning to notice minor swelling.  The swelling which is a normal side effect is not very comforting for Shawn to see.  Even though I try to convince him that during pregnancy the body produces 25%  to 40% more fluids and blood and some swelling is expected.  So more feet elevation for me to ease our minds and to keep swelling at a minimum, to the best of my ability.  Thank you pregnancy hormones.

What I love:  This angel moves a lot.  I've heard that's a good thing.  Sometimes she is very active for a few hours and then maybe gets tired and takes a nap.  I have enjoyed it so much!  I remember with the girls how neat it was also but I had more pain with their movements vs hers.  Which makes sense they were just crowded.  Ava asks me almost daily if she can feel her move.  I've put her hand on my belly a few times but she gets impatient to wait for her to move.  Seems whenever I point out that she's moving, she stops.  I'm excited for them to feel her move.  They are obsessed with her already and it makes my heart melt.  She has eyebrows and eyelashes and if she is anything like our other daughters she is already growing hair on her little head.  She can also hear my voice.  So neat!

Thoughts:  As I'm 3 days away from being 5 months pregnant.  I really feel pregnant now.  Still this pregnancy has been easier but prior to a few weeks ago it wasn't too bad.  Now I'm feeling it.  I have become a house hermit, I dread going out in the heat.  This is the first summer ever that I can not wait for it to be over!!!  This heat is a million times worse being pregnant.  We are going to start painting her room this weekend and I am excited about it.  I'm also excited to get back into shape and look forward to welcoming tough workouts into my daily routine again.

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