Anyone that's married, especially when kids are involved, know that marriage takes work!  So, we love celebrating every year of how much we love each other and what we put into our marriage every day (okay, most days).  We realized (for the millionth time) that we haven't made us a priority lately.  We were originally just gonna go to dinner or lunch on Sunday.  Shawn convinced me, very easily might I add, that a night alone would be better.  He is usually my voice of reason!

We started our weekend at Queen Creek Olive Mill.

There we met family to enjoy a nice dinner and live music.  The wind put a damper on being outside but the band was inside and the kids were getting tons of ice cream and going to the bathroom every 5 minutes, so it worked out okay.  Shawn and I tried almost every sample.

Reece was a major grump but uncle DJ was the only person that could calm her (other than us) he insisted we deserved a break.

The next day we met family at Kiwanis Park, it's been forever since I've been.  We will definitely have to go back as there is soooo much fun to be had!

After some fun we left the park alone and turned the kids over to my Mom and family visiting from Oklahoma.  Having a night away was perfection.  We had so much fun bowling and it was something different from our usual date night.  We went back to Flip Side where we enjoyed three games, enough to make us sore-yes we're out of shape, a pitcher of blue moon, and their awesome french fries.

Next, it was our usual Downtown Gilbert.  It's quickly becoming a happening place to be and we always have fun.  We ate at Zinburger because we didn't have enough french fries and ordered our fave, green chili cheese fries.  Our healthy eating went way out the door this past weekend.  #yolo.
We sat at the bar and talked all night long.  Afterwards to headed to Postino's for a board and then ended the night out with an uber ride home.

Sleeping in was much needed, even though we both thought we heard Reece crying and I even checked the monitor once.  Since we needed to head back to Downtown to get our car we took advantage of no kids and enjoyed a nice brunch at Snooze.  We've been wanting to check it out since it was built.  It was so good!  They have a nice patio and corn hole games.  There I also had the best bloody mary, EVER!  Probably because it was the perfect amount of spice and they infuse their vodka with jalapenos and habanero peppers.  We will go back soon!
We ended our anniversary weekend snuggled on the couch, netflix binge watching, and chinese take out.  It was one of the best weekend we've had in awhile.

Happy 6 years, babe!

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