This weekend was a blog-worthy one.  Swimming, freezing, basketball, and lots of canning.
The girls and I pass the pool everyday after school and every day they ask to go.  So, this weekend we finally gave in.  They were so excited and swimming came back to them no problem.  They froze of course but would often go in the "hot tub" to warm up.  They call if the hot tub because its less than 2 ft deep so, its much warmer.  We got word soon there will be a heater installed, yah!

Reece got a taste of the pool.  It was way too cold for her to have nothing but her feet in.  She hated it and I don't really blame her.  It will be interesting to see how she does when she can actually get in.
 So, Shawn played with Ava and Adisyn and I hung out poolside with Reece.  She was entertained for over an hour with this cup.  One of the many perks of this age.
 Once we headed back home the girls were ready for dinner and then passed out hard for the night.

Shawn introduced the girls to bouncing a basketball (or in other words annoy our neighbors).  They love it so we took them to the basketball courts in our neighborhood.  They didn't even get close to the rim (to be honest some shots I didn't either) but I knew they wouldn't stop bugging me about going unless we went.

We did enjoy the walk, doing something different, and Reece enjoyed her nap.

They spent most the of their time dribbling the ball and riding their bike around the court.

Then the rest of the day we watched the game and made lots of jam and pickled peppers.  It's not difficult making them but definitely time consuming.  The good news though is we have 10 cans between all of them to enjoy for many months to come.

Love these memories with my crew!  Happy weekends!

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