Yesterday we checked out the new OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale.  We had such a great time!  There was apparently a lot of hype about it, but I didn't even know it existed.  I had a lot of fun, but it is pricey.  Once the surrounding construction is complete I think it will enhance the experience.  I would go again.

We planned to get there early to avoid the crowds.  I wasn't sure how Reece was going to do because we got there right when she takes her morning nap.  She did awesome!

Ava brought a pad of paper and they (Ava and Adisyn) took turns sketching.  Seriously cute!

Sting Rays

All the kids really enjoyed this water table.  The blue and yellow pieces could be moved around to change the water flow.  They loved it and spent a while here.

Ava teaching Reece all about the fish in the tunnel.

Notice their shirts.  I didn't even realize that's what they picked out to wear until we got there.  Cute!

Picture attempt of 5 kids.

My favorite exhibit was the living sea carousel.  We sat in movie theater type seats and they moved in a circle like a carousel stopping at open ocean first.  The divers stay under there for a few hours at a time wearing this helmet that weighs 75 lbs.

Next was on to sea turtle reef.  Two the turtles were rescued and would otherwise die in the ocean.  One was rescued from Florida after being tied up in fishing line and lost two fins.  The other has "bubble butt" syndrome.  It has a deformity where air bubbles get trapped under the shell and it becomes too buoyant to survive in the ocean.

Then sea lions...

Then sharks.

Reece was most intrigued by the sharks.  She just stared.

 Nana spoiled them with gifts and then we headed to lunch.

I asked the girls what their favorite thing was and they both agree with me, the carousel.
My girls crashed as soon as they got home.  Sign of a good time if you ask me.

Later that evening they were watching YouTube underwater videos.  Ava made her own aquarium. She is so creative.

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