Oh this sweet little girl keeps me so busy.  She is so curious about everything and is afraid of very little.  She is crawling everywhere, but I can tell she is over it and just wants to walk.  She has been doing great at standing.  She walks along the couch and with her walker toy.  I suspect within a few weeks she will be walking.  

She still has eight teeth, but I think her molars will be making a painful appearance soon.

Reece has been very clingy to me.  More than usual some days.  She does fine when I'm in the room, but as soon as I leave she breaks down.  I've even had to take her to the bathroom and in the shower a few times.  Ugh!  One day I'll miss their attention so I try to remind myself of that often.

She still eats very well!  She has bottles only when napping and sleeping.  She loves spaghetti, any pasta, beans, frozen green peas, bananas, crackers just to name a few.  I found out she likes frozen peas by her grabbing them from the freezer while I was cooking dinner.  I didn't realize the bag was open and I look down and she is chowing down on them.  Now when I ask her if she wants any peas she will kick her feet and gets excited.  I think she also likes how cold they are when frozen.  Too funny!

Most of the last month she would get up about 4ish wanting a bottle.  Lately she has been sleeping about 12 hours during the night waking up at 6ish.

 We put up several baby gates which Reece is not thrilled about.  She noticed where we unlatch the gate and often tries to open the gate herself.  She's a witty one.  (Her doctor feels like she is advanced for her age).  I agree, genius baby.

Her one year doctor visit was a rough one.  She got four vaccines and had blood drawn.  It was so awful for her and me.  I felt so sad for her.  She also got a poke on her toe to check her hemoglobin which was very low.  Her doctor assured me that the test had to be inaccurate because the color of her skin and normal heart rate.  So, to be proactive she ordered a CBC to test whether she's anemic.  It was a rough visit to say the least.

On a more fun note...
Once I heard her waking up on her birthday I went into her room and threw in her balloons the girls and I filled the night before.  She loved them.

Her birthday fell on Saturday and we enjoyed the morning with the people we love the most in life (for the exception of a few out of state).  We didn't have a theme other than pink and gold.  It turned out adorable!

I have been anxious for fall, since her party was the start of October I served chili and s'mores to take home.  Couldn't help myself.

Reece was overwhelmed by all the love and attention at her party, but she looked so dang adorable!

Once her party was over she took a nap and woke up like this...

Happy as can be playing in her own poop.  Fortunately it wasn't a really messy diaper.
Later that day we headed over to a Oktobeerfest.  We had fun and Reece danced throughout the night and gave her pants a natural faded ripped jean look.  She was happiest crawling around.

Just before bed I read a few pages of her Dr. Seuss book Happy Birthday to you, a tradition I hope we keep. 

Still can't believe my baby is one!  We love you darling baby girl.

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