As the holidays approach I can't help but get super giddy and excited.  In many years past, as long as I can remember, we decorated the day after Thanksgiving.  Well, we've officially changed our traditions and decorate even before Thanksgiving.  I never wanted to take away from Thanksgiving by decorating early, but it hasn't changed anything.  I'm still just as thankful and cherish the holiday. So that's that.

On to tree decorating...

I made a yummy pancake breakfast, sipped coffee, and played Christmas music.

Reece has been totally in love with the tree.

And playing with all the ornaments.

A favorite of theirs; their polar express bells turned ornaments.

The obligatory playing in tree box photo.  They all love doing this every year.

Christmas magic always makes baby tears go away.

I just love these memories with these four.

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