The week of Thanksgiving Shawn took off work.  The girls still had school so we couldn't go anywhere, but it was nice just to hang out at home and relax some before the craziness of the holidays began.  My aunt and uncle were visiting from Oklahoma and we were fortunate enough to spend some great time with them.  We took them to Barnone since it was the week of opening.  And I LOVE supporting small local companies and appreciate skilled craftsmanship.  

We went the day after their grand opening and fortunately it wasn't overly crowded.  We were so impressed and loved all the shops.  Our first stop was 12West Brewing.  Can I just tell you how excited we are to have a great brewery bike ride from our house.  Anyway, the beers were good and the atmosphere was perfection. 

We enjoyed our flight and then headed over to Garage East.  There we played board games and enjoyed talking with the owner.  (major photo fail of all of us, whoops).

We had a great time and look forward to future date nights there.

Thanksgiving day.
We made our sweet potato casserole and Shawn made a pumpkin cheesecake pie totally from scratch even the puree.  It was the best pumpkin pie I've ever had.

So thankful for these four people.  So cliche and so true.

 Not sure what was going on with Adisyn in this picture.  She was happy, but I guess didn't want to take a picture.  We even got a profile of Rico.

We planned to spend most of the day at Shawn's parents'.  Reece has been breaking in three molars, poor baby, and has been sleeping a lot.  So, when she woke from her nap we headed over.  The weather was nice and we enjoyed the company and the food.

Afterwards to headed home to enjoy some dessert with other family.  We played some card games, laughed a lot, and enjoyed each other.  It was a great way to end the day of being thankful.

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