Yesterday we made our way to visit Santa at Bass Pro.  I wanted to wait to go on a week day because I figured it would be less crowded, but Shawn convinced me to go.  It was busy, but can't really complain too much.  They have it planned out perfectly.  We got a pass to come back and since we had a few hours we did some shopping, lunch, and enjoyed wandering Bass Pro.  

We lunched at Four Peaks Brewing since we love it and don't normally head that way it just made sense.  

Shawn and I shared the chicken fried sandwich.  The. Best. Ever!

After lunch we hung out at Bass Pro.  Reece went on her first carousel ride.  She was freaked out at first and had a death grip on me.

Pose like an animal.

After some exploring we headed down to visit Santa.  The girls made some friends while playing with lincoln logs and coloring.  Reece slept most of the 30 minute wait and then wanted to explore.

Finally it was our turn to visit the jolly ol' man himself.  We were certain that Reece would cry so we weren't surprised when it happened.  Ava asked for a barbie camping set and Adisyn asked for a barbie house.

This photo is hilarious, even Santa.

Afterwards we headed home Reece went to bed, Ava and Adisyn watched movies, and Shawn and I enjoyed the fire in the backyard and a cold one.  

When the girls woke they were welcomed by Elfy!  Oh yes, he's back.  This year he brought a book, The Polar Express, one of their favorite Christmas movies.  They were so excited and started reminiscing about all the places they found him last year. 
(notice the tree is bare the lower half one word hint, Reece).

I've been trying to collect 25 Christmas books one to read every night in December until Christmas. They might get a few more from Santa.  Who knows.

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