This Christmas was a special one for several reasons.  One that brought joy and tears.  I didn't take many pictures which is completely out of the ordinary for me.  I found that at times there is a fine line between obsessing over photos vs. living in the moment.  I tried (which came easy) to soak up every minute with my loved ones.  Although Christmas day was filled with lots of driving it was also filled with love and thankfulness.

Shawn's parents' Christmas Eve party was a great night that we all look forward to.  This years theme was Christmas character.
We got really creative (wink).
Mr. and Mrs. Claus and our three cute elves.

Christmas morning was spent at our home to find what Santa had left behind.  (this year will likely be the last year our oldest children believe). NOOOOO!!!!! I want them to stay sweet and innocent forever, maybe they will.
The girls must have been extra good because Santa really came through this year!

Excuse the poor quality iphone pics.

Afterwards we headed over to Shawn's parents.  It has been about four years since we went over in the morning, but this year was not negotiable we had to go!  We then headed next door to Shawn's grandparents for the most delicious breakfast, hugs, and memories with some of the most important and loved people in our lives.  Then it was back home for a few hours, drive to my brothers house and then back to Stacy's.  To say it was a long day is an understatement, but we don't regret it for a second.

My girls looked extra cute and really enjoyed playing with all their cousins.

NYE- normally spent in Show Low, but instead was spent here around the fire.

We eventually made it up to Show Low for some much needed time away and to decompress.  Friday morning we woke up to see a thin white blanket of snow.

It lightly snowed throughout the day and the kids took full advantage.  This is Reece's second time in the snow but her first of walking and eating it.  She didn't seem to mind the cold at all.

We also made it to Pinetop Brewing for a great dinner and drinks.

The new year is always, for me, a time to reflect and create goals.  2016 taught me a lot and I'm thankful, but am more than happy to welcome 2017!  This post took me a while to get together because it brought up mixed emotions in me, but here it is.

Oh and to be consistent here's our 2016 Christmas card.

Happy New Year my dear family and friends. xoxo

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