Okay I'm a bit behind, but better late than never.

For Veteran's weekend we planned what was likely going to be our last trip of the year in Little Things (the official name of our travel trailer).  We again were undecided where to go and didn't want to freeze too much.  It wasn't until a few days before we left we decided to head back to Mogollan Rim.  It's just SO beautiful!  This time we didn't have the twins with us, sadly.  They've been begging to go up north with Nana and Papa. We had a great time, but I felt my heart heavy as half of it was in Show Low.

We arrived early Friday morning and found a spot right on the rim this time.  It was still crowded, but not nearly as much as last time we were there.  Likely due to the dip in temps and the roads are no longer maintained after Nov. 1st.

This trip we were both so much more laid back with packing.  I was pleasantly surprised how much easier it was even only being our second trip.  And bonus we didn't lose any water this time and tried out the shower.  It was warm and cozy and just what we needed.

To give you some perspective on this awesome spot.  The rim just ahead of the truck is where we spent most of our time during the day.  It was so peaceful and beautiful.

Reece did awesome and stayed warm at night.  Shawn and I hung out by the fire after she was asleep and imitated movies and had the best time laughing like high school kids.  We met our neighbors and at first were concerned about them sleeping in a tent as the night time temps were in the 30's.  After talking we discovered they just moved here from Illinois.  Pretty sure they could handle the colder temps better than we could.  We also watched the sunset every night and played photographer.

Unfortunately this trip we had great reception.  It wasn't the unplugged I wanted and needed, but since our twins weren't with us it was kind of a relief.  We made a conscious effort to avoid the social media crap and just enjoy the moment.  It was an unforgettable trip and was the perfect way to celebrate our Veterans and what they've given us.

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