For some strange reason we decided to make a chicken pot pie from scratch the day before Thanksgiving.  I guess it doesn't sound all that crazy except earlier that day was spent doing baseboards all downstairs and a white wash project.  Not sure what we were thinking, but after a long day of work a warm savory home cooked meal was delicious.  

The next morning I prepped a side dish we were making while we watched the Macy's Day Parade. 

Then it was off to Shawn's parents house.  Reece napped most of the time in our trailer thats parked at their house.  Once she woke she devoured some charcoal grilled turkey and loved it.  We were both shocked at how much she ate.  Later it was off to see other family.  We had such a good time visiting that I didn't even take my phone out, hence no photos.  We made it home about 10pm I'd say that's a sign of a good time. 

Reece finally built up the courage to pose next to Santa and the teddy bear set up at Nana and Papa's.

The next day was the annual Christmas movie with cousins.  This year the kids had custom pj's and we sat outside around the fire while watching Home Alone (does this movie ever get old? No, the correct answer is no) on the projector. 

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