After a few full hook up trips we were ready for some boon docking.  We took advantage of the long holiday weekend and decided to head up to our spot in Payson.  The roads are no longer maintained which I think deters a lot of people from going as there were plenty of great spots.  This was also the first trip we had our razor which changes the level of fun for us! 

We didn't have the best spot there for sunsets because the trees were so much more dense.  We didn't mind it was just as beautiful.  Shawn's parents met us there with their RV.  The older girls went with them to some of the local lakes for some fishing.

Lots of razor rides were had...

Like usual Reece fell asleep with every ride.  This time she had a nose rest. LOL


We came across a camping site that had trash thrown all over the place.  It was really frustrating and disappointing to see.  We don't want one of our favorite camping spots shut down or permit only.  The silver lining was the learning experience instilled in our children. 

The last morning we were there Shawn and I were desperate for just a few more minutes of sleep.  I finally got myself out from under the warm covers to see this.  Ava crawled into the pack n play to be with Reece.  Such a sweet sister. 

When it was time to head home we casually got packed up and tried to enjoy the views just a little bit longer.  Unfortunately, there were problems with the truck and we couldn't go over 25mph.  So we were parked in this parking lot (one of the look out views) for a few hours while Shawn tried to trouble shoot the problem.   A few people stopped to offer help or water, there are still some good people in the world.  Shawn eventually made the decision to drive and see what happens.  We made it to the Auto Zone in Payson and had them figure out what code caused the check engine light to come on.  He figured out what he thought was the problem, but there was very little we could do about it at that point.  Not to mention the repair was in the thousands, ugh!  We headed home while I was on edge hoping the truck wasn't going to get us home safely and we would be stranded on the side of the highway with three kids and a dog.  Can't imagine the tow bill either.  Thankfully we did make it home safely and got the truck in for warranty repair the next day. 

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