Fall is in the air



fall collage

I have been more excited for Fall than past years.  Not exactly sure why, but I love the holidays.  I have been slowly accumulating “harvest” décor.  I also did manage to check off a few things from my fall to-do list

My fall wreath:

wreath is from Hobby Lobby $5

Letter “D” Hobby Lobby $5

vegetables and autumn leafs are from Dollar General $3

Total roughly $13. 

Christmas wreath my goal will be to go even cheaper!


Valerie@Occasionally Crafty said...

Hi- new here from Online BlogCon. Hope to meet you at the AZ Meet-up!

You have a beautiful blog, especially your photos! Can't wait to read more!


Shannon and Shawn said...

Thank you! After browsing your blog for awhile looks like I can get some pointers. Attractive blog! I can not wait to try one your posts. Like the candy corn and the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies look gorgeous.

Thank you for your support. Excited to read more from occasionally crafty!


Shannon and Shawn said...

Oh and I certainly want to meet up after blogcon. Very Excited!


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