Pumpkin Festivities


The past few years we’ve gone to Schnepf Farms. This year, partly because of the expense, we decided to go somewhere else.  Daily I drive past Vertuccio Farm so to change things up we went there for some pumpkin fun.  I actually really enjoyed it.  We all had a great time and it was at least a quarter of the price as Schnepf Farms.  That always puts a smile on my face.
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We started with the corn maze.  It was like a game of clue.  They gave you a game piece to play as you walked in.  Basically you have to go through this ginourmous maze and find clues along the way.  If you find all of the clues then you know who it was, with what and where.  It was a cute idea.  We only found three.  In our defense the girls were our leaders most of the time and they loved it. 
At first they didn’t really know what to expect or what we were doing. 
Adisyn wouldn’t let go of my hand.



After we were done with the corn maze we rode the barrel train.  Ava was too scared to ride alone so, my Mom sat with her. 
After the train the girls spotted a jump house.  They jumped for awhile and when it was time to get out Adisyn was anything but nice.  Rather embarrassing actually.  So, she didn’t get a snow cone and whined about it for 20 minutes.

After we were all tired out of the fun.  The girls picked out pumpkins and we sat around for a bit and ate kettle corn. 
These are the two the girls picked out.

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