2012 Recap


WOW! Can't believe 2012 is long gone, well 10 hrs away.  
This year has brought us lots of laughs and happiness.  

My List for 2012 recap
  1.  Remember what is most important in life!-  Well I do believe I have done much better with this goal than in the past.  Life can get stressful sometimes but I've come to realize its the simple things in life that truly make me happy.  I have also learned as a parent to not have too many rules.  If they wanna have cereal for dinner every now and them. So be it!  I've learned to pick my battles. 
  2. Make more time for family- I could do better with this although improvement from the year before.  My brother and I are a lot closer again, which makes me thrilled.  He calls me just to say Hi!  Love it!
  3. Time for myself- I have done much better with this.  Thank you nap time.  I would like to read more though. 
  4. Finally reach my goal weight- Well this didn't not go so well.  I have been very un-motivated despite all my attempts.  As I'm approaching my 30's its time to take control and WILL change. 
  5. Immediate Family time.  Be more active as a family- This goal did not happen as frequent as I would like.  Part of the problem, Shawn does not have a bike.  He is so picky and can't find a bike that isn't 300 bucks!
  6. More DIY-ing-  I have certainly improved with this.  We have made tons of DIY projects, my favorite would have to be the Christmas Tree Skirt
  7. Organization- I am so happy to admit that I have improved with this tremendously.  I am already thinking of plans for the girls 4th birthday four months away.  
  8. Host more and make more time for friends-  We have hosted a get together at our house three different times in the 8 months we have been here. 
  9. Hike The Grand Canyon!  New place in AZ-  We had planned to go during a long weekend.  Unfortunately it was planned not long after we moved and longed to make our house a home.  next thing I knew it was the week before.  Really hope to do this before/if we have another baby. 
  10. Vacation with Shawn and I-  We did have a few weekends without kids.  Flagstaff was a great time and one long weekend Shawn and I went up north all by ourselves.  
  11. Family vacation- Sad to say this did not happen this year.  Our home and other life necessitous got in the way.  Financially didn't happen. 
  12. NEW HOME!- Oh boy was that a nightmare.  We finally did it!  We moved in our home April 20th, 2012.  We love it and the girls are really happy too.  The location of our home is AWESOME!

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