Mother’s Day


What would we all do without the Mother’s in our lives?!  Not quite sure.  We had a great day of celebrating such special people to us.  My goal was to sleep in while Shawn cleaned up but I ended up practically killing myself going for a run.  I am so out of shape.  When I came back the girls had made a cute Mother’s Day card for me and Shawn cleaned the house, he even used the granite cleaner.  Once we all got cleaned up we headed over to Shawn’s parents house for an amazing brunch. 


My present from the girls.  check out Adisyn’s rooster.  Talent!



nice photo bomb Abby.


after we all ate Ava took Sam for a ride around the yard until the battery died.  It was cute and the longest I have seen Sam sit still.  Later I asked Ava if Sam said anything while they were riding around.  She said he just laughed a lot.  Cousin Love.

IMG_3966 sephia


Amazing Mothers.  I look up to each one of them.


Personalized vase for Nana.  I had a glass vase from our wedding so I put an aluminum can in the middle for water and put the girls artwork around that.  Turned out cute.


After we left Nana and Papa’s house.  The girls and Shawn took a nap while I did some shopping.  I had a gift card from my birthday that I was anxious to use. Later we met Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Victoria at Carrabas.  It was an hour wait but we snagged a patio table and only waited a few minutes.  Fortunately it was right by the portable cooler outside so it was rather nice.  The girls got balloon animals.  Ava was not feeling the balloon lady.  Well lets be real, she doesn’t like strangers at all, which isn’t a bad thing necessarily. 


The spaghetti was a big hit!




bib time






My Mom got me the most thoughtful gift.  A cd of songs that make you wanna dance a few sentimental songs that bring us back to the days of growing up.  had a little tear in my eyes when I heard “when I see you smile.” 


After dinner we visited my Grandma.  First time Shawn has met her.  She was really excited about her new headband. 


To My Mom,

Words can’t express how lucky I am to be your daughter.  You have taught me so much and I look up to you in so many ways.  You’ve shaped me into the person I am today.  I often times think about growing up and a huge smile comes to my face.  So many good memories.  I thank you for always loving me unconditionally and singing “you are my sunshine”   all the time.  I love you so much! 

To My MIL,

Thank you for doing such a great job raising Shawn.  I am so lucky to have him and I would say a lot of that credit goes to you!  You are such a patient, loving, and thoughtful person.  If I am half the Mother you are I know that I have succeeded with my job as a parent. 

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