Happy Halloween



Our festivities began at my brothers' Halloween party at his work.  It was put together well.  They had a dj, physic, and a magician, with lots of drinks and food.  Shawn and I dressed up but wore costumes that we had on hand.  kind of lame, I know!

my brother always has the best costumes

my pirate

Fun had by all!


The cutest little Minnie Mouse and Tinkerbell

Our neighbors are awesome!  They made hot dogs and snow cones for us.  

Sam caught on to the trick-or-treating really quick.  Him and the girls got a little freaked out by one neighbor wearing a freaky mask but otherwise he wasn't hesitant one bit.  He kept wanting to take more than one.  Every time we left a house without a doubt he always turned the way we just came from.  It was special to be apart of his first Halloween that he could walk to the house himself and actually eat the candy.  Oh how fast they grow.  

look at all this candy!!!

This year was the best Halloween yet! 

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Dylan & Stacy said...

Thank you for capturing these memories!


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