The girls have been asking almost. every. day.  when their birthday will be here.  Finally the week came.  I made a cake and we had pizza for dinner at their request.  These girls amaze me everyday.  So I’m a bit biased but they are awesome!!!


We gave them headphones for their pad, which they love, but we felt bad after realizing it was more of a gift for us!  So on their Birthday Shawn stopped by the store and got them some “Dad” Barbie's.  One of them was wearing a tuxedo and they promptly held a wedding. 

My dearest Ava.  She is such a sweet girl!  More often than not she is always thinking of others, mainly her sister, before herself.  She gives the best hugs and foot massages.  She has been more picky than usual about what food she is eating.  We’ve been in a bad habit of making two or sometimes even three dinners to satisfy everyone.  Ava always has such great smiles for the camera and her laugh is contagious. 

My dearest Adisyn.  Like many years in the past Adisyn is our firecracker.  She has a mind of her own and is not afraid to voice it.  She is all GIRL!  Although she does like sports.  Her favorite thing to do is dress up.  She says the funniest things and sometimes completely shocks us. 

Both our girls are incredible and we are so lucky to  call them ours! 

Party Day

The girls requested a Frozen theme for their party.  Shocking, I know!  This party was different than past because they wanted to invite friends from school.  If effort to keep it more low key and somehow entertain the kiddos we decided to have the party at the park two houses down from ours.  The girls had 7 friends that was able to come.  It was fun to see them with their friends.  Before their guests arrived we got some baseball practice in. 







IMG_5834 The boys were chasing the girls

IMG_5836 As Ava says its “pinana” time

IMG_5837 Ava was in a terrible mood and refused to wear her frozen shirt.  Guess they are at an age where they want to wear what they want to wear. 


IMG_5839 Sam was looking very dapper






Their party was overall a success although there were moments, for Shawn and I, of utter chaos!  The girls have thoroughly enjoyed their gifts.

We enjoyed the evening outside the weather was perfect.




IMG_5868 Happy 6th Birthday, my angels.  You are so loved!

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