Well the day has come.  We officially have first graders.  The girls school is now changing their schedule to a modified year round and early release on Wednesdays.  Lucky girls.  This year the girls are in different classes.  Shawn and I had talked about what the right decision was over and over.  There are so many articles that have both views so it seems to be more of case to case basis. Being a parent of multiples is tough!  I was more comfortable with them being separated more so than Shawn.  Ultimately after talking to the principal we agreed with their recommendation to have different teachers.  So yesterday was tough for us.  Mostly me and pregnancy hormones did not help at all.  The morning of they were nervous especially Ava but I think it helped a little that both Mom and Dad were able to be there to drop them off and pick them up.  Ava was hesitant to walk away from us but she did and we are proud.  Its so hard to see your kids go through tough life changes even though you know its best for them.  It was the longest amount of time they have been apart for nearly 7 years.  The day dragged on forever.  We couldn't wait to hear how their day was.  They both did great!  They were excited to tell us the friends they had in their class.  They also both had a little melt down.  We made it clear to their teachers that separation anxiety was a concern for us so I'm hoping they were somewhat sensitive to their needs.  They did sit across from each other at lunch and we noticed as soon as they were released from their classes they searched for each other.  Overall the day was a success and with time we will all being doing much better with this adjustment.

We are so proud of you girls!  To finish the day with a bang we took them for a sweet treat.  Once we headed home they brushed their teeth and passed out cold.  First grade is exhausting.

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