12-15 weeks left!  (Hopefully, crossing our fingers)

Size of baby:  Ear of corn

Cravings:  chocolate and Mexican food specifically chips and salsa.

Aversions:  None

What I miss:  Sleeping.  Being more active.  I have started walking the girls to school which there and back is a little over half a mile.  I feel like walking has helped my pelvic ligament pain a little bit.  Wine.  Margarita.  More regular bowel movements, dried prunes have saved me!  Despite some nights having insomnia or getting up 4 times to go pee I have been more tired than usual.  Baby girl must be having a huge growth spurt.

What I love:  Baby girl has been more active at least that I can feel.  Sometimes it feels like she's jumping up and down on my uterus like a trampoline.  I feel like over the next few weeks will be her most active.  She will still has room to move around and is strong enough for us to feel her and I have seen her move watching my belly, Shawn has even witnessed her kicks from a distance away.  Now that I've reached 24 weeks I get to hear her heartbeat every week when my nurse comes.  Yah!  I didn't know they would be doing that so it has completely made my week and gives me more to look forward to.  Only 12 more shots!  Another thing I love is how well my complexion has been while pregnant.  I remember it was the same with the girls.  Girl hormones work well for my skin.

Thoughts:  This week was special.  Not only did I get to hear her heart beat, which is perfect, but the girls felt their sister kick for the first time.  It was a precious moment to see the excitement in their eyes and smile.  In the words of Adisyn "She kicked so hard"!  They are so in love with her and so are we!  I have been having round ligament pain fortunately it only last for a second and hasn't been consistent yet.  I think I may have had some braxton hicks also.  Not exactly sure but we have an appointment next week so I will find out.   I have noticed that I haven't been doing as good with water consumption so that will need to change.  Her nursery is coming along and I can't wait to show it off.  Sometimes I hang out in there by myself.  Shawn and I have wondered what she will look like.  Most likely she will look just like her beautiful sisters but it would be kind of cool if she looked different.  We can but can't wait to meet you baby girl!

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