We're finally done... well for the most part.  I would like to get a white fluffy rug next. Shawn is probably more happy than I am that we can have our normal weekends again.  We were both anxious to get her room done but it did take over a month (working mostly only on weekends)!  Shawn seemed to run into problems with almost every project item in this room.  But he got the job done and I am so lucky to have him!  I don't think there is anything he can't do!  Thank you Husband!

Anyway back to the room.  I envisioned a rustic chic look and I would say we accomplished this.  We all four pitched in and did something for her room which made it more special for her.  We started by painting the room a light mint color with small pops of coral sprinkled throughout.  Shawn wasn't too sure about the mint color but now loves it.

We were undecided about doing a pallet wall but we decided to and it turned out amazing!  What our garage looked like for several weeks while Shawn took apart pallets, sanded and stained.

 For the focal point of the room...

Putting together a puzzle that doesn't fit... was super fun!  LOL not really.

We decided to do half pallet wall instead of the entire wall.  Then we added a white picture ledge at the top for a more finished look and some function.  The glass cabinet painted below is where I plan to put some newborn photos of her.

These shelves were made from the pallet wood as well.

The frames were purchased from Ikea and then painted coral.  I got theses cute prints from Pinterest to complete the look.  The "R" is actually cardboard like material and very light.  We painted it silver for a metal rustic look.
The girls made these pictures for her.  So cute!

The bear above was Shawn's so I thought it would be cute to add to her room.

We LOVE how it turned out!  A special room for a special baby girl.


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Dylan & Stacy said...

It looks amazing! So sweet that everyone contributed to it. I love it.


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