10-13 Weeks!

Size of baby:  Eggplant (not sure who comes up with these analogies).  I'm guesstimating she's about 2.5 lbs.

Cravings:  salads, fruit, fruit and lots of fruit.  Ice cream or anything with chocolate.  I've also craved salty foods too.  

Aversions:  None

What I miss:

What I love:  I love watching my belly move when she's doing her daily acrobats.  I've joked with Shawn that she has already mastered cartwheels.  My doctor asked where I feel her kicks (so he can get an idea if she's head down or not) and I laughed because I literally feel her moving everywhere.  I'm supposed to be keeping track of kicks every morning and night, 10 kicks in 2 hours, she can get that done in a minute or less.  She moves and kicks more than my twins did and I love it!  I have a doctors appointment is two weeks for glucose testing and Rh shot.  Another shot!  Since I'm Rh negative and Shawn is Rh positive (more popular of the two) I have to get the shot so my body does not produce any antigens since there is a high chance she is Rh positive as well.  I also talked to my doctor about the contractions I have been experiencing.  He didn't seem concerned because they are very irregular.  Its normal to get some contractions as my body is "practicing" for delivery that's at least what I have been telling myself.  As the  28 week mark approaches (when I went into labor with my twins) I get a lot of anxiety, fear, nervousness and any other scared feeling.  I'm feeling better knowing that this pregnancy has been much different.  At this point with the girls I was extremely swollen everywhere already and was working long days on my feet all day long.  I've been drinking lots of water and resting in between household chores in efforts to not overdue it.  I'm so fortunate to be able to stay home which has significantly reduced stress for both Shawn and myself.  We both knew I would not have a healthy pregnancy if I continued to work.  So we've been crossing our fingers and thinking happy thoughts.  Adisyn has been an angel of a child lately.  Ava not so much but anyway, Adisyn brought home a class assignment they did with a partner.  She was asked several questions one of them was how many brothers/sisters do you  have.  She answered two sisters.  For most I'm sure that wouldn't be as special but for me and my emotional state it made me smile hard.  I've said it a ton but its true they both love her so much!  

Thoughts:  I removed the "what I miss" category because lets be real there is a lot to miss when your're pregnant.  There are a ton of symptoms, mostly miserable symptoms, but I'm trying hard to change my state of mind and focus on still being pregnant.  And fortunate that I'm pregnant at all.  I have to remind myself of this several times a day, okay who am I kidding, all day I'm reminding myself of this.  It's mind over matter, right?  (whaaa... yes that is my baby cry).  I'm hoping that will be in our favor when it comes to keeping this angel in as long as possible, a girl can dream right?  I'm trying to stay positive that these shots I get every week will be worth it.  All of this stemmed from a very painful contraction I had last week.  Fortunately I only had one but it was enough for me to realize I need to be positive. I would be lying if I didn't get excited seeing fall decorations already.  That means its closer!  

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