Hello third trimester!  

9-11 weeks until we get to meet her!

Size of Baby:  Head of cauliflower. Probably close to 3 lbs.

Cravings:  fruit, sweets, carbonated drinks

Aversions:  None

What I love:  Baby hiccups... is there anything sweeter?  For the past week I've noticed her get the hiccups at least once a day sometimes several times a day.  I'm certain that she is head down because that is where I feel her hiccups and the biggest kicks and hardest movements are towards the top of my belly.  Hopefully she stays there even though she will be born cesarean I would like her head to come out first.  She seems to be moving around less but still active with her kicks and punches.  I'm starting to recognize her sleeping patterns.  She gets up early and is up late.  She sleeps mostly throughout the day.  My contractions have really slowed down and I've been resting a lot and drinking lots of water.  My nurse explained to me that majority of patients getting the shots I get make it to at least 37 weeks so that is our goal for the soonest!  That would be just days before Halloween.  Shawn wants a chubby 10 lb. baby (really?) NO! but we are really hoping she waits until 39 weeks.

Thoughts:  I have really been feeling so much better this past week.  I've been eating clean food, trying to stay active and changing my state of mind.  I had a doctor appointment yesterday and everything is going great!  Lets hope the glucose test comes back okay.  I'm still measuring larger than 28 weeks but that has been consistent throughout the entire pregnancy.  I only gained 2 lbs. the past month. Yah! I have really popped out and have been getting comments about how big I am.  People are surprised when I tell them the due date.  I start going every two weeks for follow up appointments until I hit 32 weeks, then I will go every week.  I have been really inspired by a friend of mine and decided it's time to make some big changes so I've started a second blog which will mostly be about health and fitness but I will also dabble into recipes, home diy/decor, fashion, and beauty.  I also signed up to be a Beachbody coach so I can help inspire others to follow in my footsteps.  I'm beyond excited about the future!

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