7-9 Weeks!

Size of Baby:  Butternut squash

Cravings:  None.  Well sweets sometimes but I haven't had really any in over a month.

Aversions:  None

What I love:  I had my doctors appointment this week and everything is going so great!  Baby girls heart rate was higher than usual but still within healthy limits.  In fact my doctor assured me due to her change of heart rate throughout is a really good sign that she is healthy.  I had no weight gain so I'm super happy about that.  I am really making an effort to keep my weight gain from here on out under control.  Since I've really grasped control of my health I've gained two lbs. So it has all been worth it!  My blood work came back great and my doctor is totally on board with my lifestyle change.  He's proud which makes me feel proud.  He could tell that she is head down, which I was certain of.  Hopefully she stays there but time will tell.  I won't have my next ultrasound until 36 weeks to get an estimate weight of her and how she is positioned.

Thoughts:  I have been feeling incredible.  I've noticed so many positive changes in my body since taking better care of myself.  I don't have as much water retention, my back pain has dramatically improved, my digestion has been night and day difference, some days my pelvic pain is extreme but it comes and goes and walking does help.  She is getting big and her kicks have been super powerful. We are getting more and more excited.

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