Newborn, 6 months, 15 months

Oh my... 15 months already?!
This darling spunky girl has been busier than ever and at this point is practically running (and has jumped a few times).  She's full of personality and makes us smile on the daily.

Height: 2 ft 7.5 in (75th%)
Weight: 24 lbs (82%)
HC: 18.4 in (76th%)

This girl LOVES to d.a.n.c.e. all the time.  It's so cute and such an attention grabber from everyone and shows no sign of shyness. She dances to commercials, cartoons, and music which is played a lot at our house, and even with no sound.  It's the BEST!!!!

Reece still has a great appetite, sometimes eating as much as her sisters.  She eats nearly everything and after a taste test she's fairly adventurous with food.  She still does have a bottle during naps and bedtime.  I'm going to start working with her to wean her from her bottle, that's going to be fun.

Like mentioned above she is all over the place and runs to keep up with her sisters.  She is learning so quickly by watching them.  She absolutely adores her sisters and no one can make her laugh the way they do.  It is so awesome to watch them grow together.  At times they get annoyed with her and when I ask them for help I get the perfected eye roll (already, seriously?)  Most of the time they enjoy helping out with her.

She sleeps well at night (most nights) going to bed at 7:30-8 waking up at 6:30-7.  She takes two naps a day anywhere from 3-4 hours.  She loves her sleep that's for sure.  I try to get her and I out of the house as often as possible, but her naps make it difficult.  Hopefully in a few months she will begin one nap a day and we can be more adventurous together.

She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and still attentive to movies and cartoons.

She loves mimicking people.  She hasn't been saying many words, other than her baby babble, but I know it won't be long before she's talking back.

She loves to people watch, but is still very cautious around unfamiliar people.

For her birthday we bought her a baby seat for the bicycle.  She loves it!!!!  She also loves to swing and climb on just about anything.  She goes down many slides by herself with little to no fear.  I've contemplated putting a helmet on her everyday.

The past month she has a new squeaky mischievous laugh and its the cutest!

She is the highlight of most of our days and we still can't believe how much she has complete our family.  So thankful for this angel baby.

Considering most of the pictures I take of her look like this I need to practice action shots.

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