Meet our peacock, cheerleader, and Harley Quinn

We were anxiously anticipating how Reece would do this Halloween.  She was not a let down her love for candy, or sweets in general, is real!  Reece was a trooper!  She loved the candy and wasn't shy.  She would tell people "you're welcome" after receiving candy sometimes she said thank you but it was the cutest and she stole the hearts of so many neighbors. 

We have such a fun neighborhood during the holidays.  One of our neighbors set up a legit haunted house in their driveway.  It was the coolest and over the top in the most perfect way.  All it took was one turn of the corner and Reece saw a giant spider and I was holding her the rest of the way.  As we entered they had a code name for the older kids inside so they knew youngins' were coming and to turn down the scary a notch.  I'd be lying if I didn't jump a time or two.  So fun!!!

Reece continued her dressing up for the following week, until the costumes finally got put away.

She put this one together herself. LOL.

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