If I could guess she's thinking, seriously enough of the pictures I need some milk!

My sweet baby is 8 months old!

She has so much personality already so much so that Shawn and I feel she is going to be our firecracker of a child.  She seems so much more strong willed than her sisters were.  We are having so much fun watching her little personality blossom.

According to my calculations she now weighs 20 lbs.

She eats all the time seems like.  She's now up to 6 oz every 1-2 hrs during the day.  She's still sleeping pretty well at night except this past week she has decided that she needs a bottle at 3 am and again at 6 am.  Its not too bad because she falls back to sleep very quickly.  She's been eating more solids this month and I think she likes them now.

She has four teeth and I can see where two more are poking through.  I've joked that she will likely have a full set of teeth by her first birthday.  But seriously, she is growing them so quickly.  Seeing her teeth when she smiles makes me feel like she's already a toddler and not my tiny baby anymore.

Nap times have been so much better.  If by chance her nap is skipped, it's awful!! She becomes very cranky.  So I try to plan things around her naps.  Luckily most days she sleep well in her car seat that she is quickly out growing by the way.

She now army crawls everywhere and one of her favorite things to chew on are sandals we've left laying around in the living room.  Gross!  She is getting better at transitioning from sitting to crawling.  Sometimes she kind of loses control and falls over but she's getting it and then she's off.

Here's a video for documentation.

A new thing to note.  This girl would constantly get her feet and legs out of her crib even waking her up at night.  In effort to sleep better, her and us, we got a mesh fabric to tie on to her crib.  It works so much better although in true Reece fashion, she still sometimes finds a way to sneak a foot out.

She's also started doing this cute but sad thing where she will give a pout face and then smile immediately after.  I've tried to get a good picture but this was the best I could get.

Of course she is even more crazy about her sisters.  Most of the time I'm holding her while watching them play its like she wants to jump out of my arms and run and play with them.  Its so cute to see them together.  I am excited for the day when she can run around and play with them.

We've been swimming a lot lately.  Reece has been loving it as well even though she's only been in the water a few times.  In the picture below she was ready to go and trying to put on her suit herself.  At least that's what it looked like. 

She's been in the kid pool in our neighborhood and did not want to get out, she would just splash over and over.  So cute!  I bought her a baby float which she has been in once.  I had to keep holding her chin up because she was wanting to stick her face in the water.

We've tried samples of different treats.  None of which she seems to enjoy yet.

She also loves reading time and I do too.

Bed time is still my favorite time of the day with her because its quiet and I get to snuggle her.  Lately I've been letting her fall asleep in her arms because I know this time will not last long.  It doesn't seem to effect her sleep training so I'm taking advantage.

Love my little sunshines.

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